Olio dell’Ornellaia


The Olive groves and vines grow side by side, shaping the landscape. Olio dell’Ornellaia expresses the exceptional qualities of Ornellaia’s unique terroir and the harmonious bond it holds with nature. Ornellaia’s extra virgin oil is obtained by pressing the olives from the 2000 trees, many of them over 100 years old, that grow upon the grounds of the Estate. In our olive groves we cultivate Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino, as well as more local cultivars, such as Gremignolo di Bolgheri, Olivastro di Suvereto, and the Ornellaia Cultivar, named after the farm that has now become the Estate. Harvesting is performed exclusively by hand, with pickers selecting only the best-quality fruit from each tree, thereby ensuring that the olives remained sound and fresh. To prevent oxidation and obtain oil of the highest possible quality, the freshly-picked olives are transferred immediately to the olive press, where they are pressed within two hours of their arrival. The freshly-pressed oil, with its marvellous fruity aromas and rich antioxidant properties, is filtered and stored in temperature-controlled steel tanks to best preserve its organoleptic properties.


“Clear and green in colour, intense and powerful on the nose, full of herbaceous notes that recall freshly cut grass. The taste is broad and complex, fruity and herbaceous. With a touch of bitterness and light spicy notes in perfect harmony.”