Vendemmia d’Artista




The character of Ornellaia 2008, the third edition of Vendemmia d’Artista, was “L’Energia”. It was chosen to describe this deeply intense wine. In Bolgheri it is as if the sun’s energy found a storage cell in the grapes, which is gradually released over time, making the wine vibrate. Rebecca Horn was the artist chosen to interpret “L’Energia”.


Sculptor, performer and director, Rebecca Horn is a star on the global art scene, who lives and works in Germany. A versatile and sophisticated artist, she became famous in the Seventies for her performances and installations. Rebecca Horn also creates drawings, photography and videos as well as literary texts and plays in more recent years. A recurring element in her works is the relationship between the body and the space, movement and music, with a focus on the interaction between the object, onlooker and the space. Rebecca Horn’s art is distinguished by a strong expressive, poetic and universal power. She is inspired by an exceptional personal archive consisting of memory, science, music, literature, mythology, magic and alchemy to analyse the age-old dilemma of the meaning of life and human evolution. Leading museums all over the world have held retrospectives of her works.


For “L’Energia” of Ornellaia 2008, Rebecca Horn designed a kinetic copper and mirror sculpture that, inspired by the winemaking process, weaves a relationship with the space. The elements and the environment contribute towards creating an alchemical process between liquid, solid and atmospheric forms in which matter transforms into energy. Moreover, the double magnums vaunt exclusive paper labels that are made unique by a pictorial mark from the artist. The Imperial bottles have copper elements, each of which are different, while the only Salmanazar becomes a sculpture that reproduces the artist’s copper and mirror work that stands in Ornellaia’s barrique cellar.
Some of the large-format bottles of Vendemmia d’Artista “L’Energia” were auctioned by Mrs. Christiane Gräfin zu Rantzau, chairman of Christie’s Germany, on 19 May 2011. The profits were donated to the Freunde der Nationalgalerie in Berlin.