Vendemmia d’Artista




The character for 2010, the 25th vintage of Ornellaia and the fifth edition of Vendemmia d’Artista, was “La Celebrazione”.
Michelangelo Pistoletto was the artist chosen to interpret “La Celebrazione”.


Born in Biella (Italy) in 1933, Michelangelo Pistoletto is renowned as one of the most influential artists on the global art scene. Beginning in the Sixties, he obtained international recognitions for his performances, sculptures and installations, especially for his mirrored paintings, which include the onlooker in the work. His inclusion, in this group of works, of spatial and temporal dimensions formed the basis for his subsequent artistic output and research. One of the most important figures in the Arte Povera movement since the very beginning, Pistoletto conducts rigorous research into the self-portrait, representation and reality. Vaunting a charismatic personality and a promotor of cultural movements, in the Nineties he established Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto and the Università delle Idee in Biella. This project strived to put art at the centre of intellectual debate, with the aim of continuing a profound transformation of civil society.


Michelangelo Pistoletto’s work revolves around a fundamental theme of his art and research: the mirror. The spiral that twists around the double magnum; the sculpted, three-dimensional spiral for the only Salmanazar; and the different playful forms on the labels of the Imperial bottles were all made using a special reflective material that is closely connected with the themes that the artist developed back in the early Sixties. On the three- and nine-litre bottles, the coil creates a feeling of infinity and higher aspiration, allowing the artist to achieve a more intimate and spiritual level of expression.
The labels on the six-litre bottles are unique and represent a different composition of a 10-piece puzzle, each with a different missing part. For the artist, the mirror, in all its infinite forms, reflects both the onlooker and the surroundings, introducing the artwork in a temporal dimension.
For the 25th anniversary, the entire production of Ornellaia had no labels and just had the celebratory logo silk-screen printed on the bottle in gold and ivory.
Some of the large-format bottles of Vendemmia d’Artista “La Celebrazione” were sold at the Sotheby’s auction held on 16 May 2013. The profits were donated to the Royal Opera House Foundation in London.