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2012 - Antonio Galloni

Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia - 93

2011 - Espresso

Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia - 16/20

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About Ornellaia

The Ornellaia Estate was created in 1981 and is located near the picturesque village of Bolgheri, on the unspoilt Tuscan coast. The uniqueness of the area was epitomized by the famous poet Giosuè Carducci who gave eternal fame to the monumental Cypress Avenue leading up to Bolgheri. The coastal plain is a natural refuge to numerous migratory birds and other protected species. In the midst of all this natural beauty lie the vineyards of  Ornellaia.
About Ornellaia

… I believe its continual evolution will propel it beyond the limits of tasting and time.

- Axel Heinz – Winemaker


Ornellaia: a Timeline

Learn all about the milestones in Ornellaia’s history, from its beginnings to today.

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Exceptional Conditions

The Ornellaia Estate enjoys exceptional conditions. Located near the sea and sheltered by the neighbouring hills, the microclimate guarantees perfect [...]

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Production Philosophy

The production philosophy of the Estate is focused on one objective: quality. This can only be achieved by taking a [...]

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Ornellaia’s production philosophy is based on the belief that wines must be the most faithful expression of the terroir that produces them. Our respect for the Estate’s unique territory guides all aspects of production: limited quantities to ensure maximum quality, attention to every detail, selective hand harvesting, microvinification and ageing.
  • "Ornellaia, the flagship
    wine of the Estate"

    Ornellaia, Estate’s flagship wine, was first produced with vintage 1985, from an extremely careful selection of the vineyards Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, grown on Ornellaia.

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  • "The ‘Second Wine’ of Ornellaia"

    A true ‘Second vin’ of Ornellaia, Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia was first introduced with vintage 1997, resulting from the decision to carry out an even more rigid selection during the blending phase of the base wines which give life to Ornellaia. Produced primarily from the younger vineyards, the wine combines the pedigree of the flagship wine with freshness, accessibility and softness together with a structure, balance and intensity typical of the great terroir of the Estate.

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  • "The cuvée which reflects the philosophy of Ornellaia"

    Le Volte dell'Ornellaia is the expression of a carefully crafted blend. The cuvée brings together the best terroirs of Tuscany and combines the Mediterranean expression of opulence and generosity with structure and complexity. The softness of  Merlot, the firm structure and depth of Cabernet Sauvignon supported by the vivacious personality of Sangiovese, create a unique blend which reflects the integrity and style which inspire the philosophy of the Ornellaia Estate.

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  • "The wine changes blend with each new vintage"

    Variazioni in Rosso dell’Ornellaia is produced from the Estate vineyards and the wine changes blend with each vintage, basing its character on how the growing season expressed itself. Its name reflects this theme of variation. Each vintage blend will offer a different expression while the terroir remains one and the same. The wine is produced in extremely limited quantities and available for purchase to guests who have booked a visit at the winery.

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  • "A true Mediterranean character"

    Poggio alle Gazze dell’Ornellaia, produced with a predominance of Sauvignon Blanc, expresses a true Mediterranean character. With its ripe fruit and firm structure, the terroir perfectly conveys all the potential necessary to produce a white wine of great finesse.

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  • "The late harvest of Ornellaia"

    Ornus dell’Ornellaia, late harvest sweet wine of Petit Manseng, is cultivated in small parcels of land situated among our red varietal vineyards. The name Ornus dell’Ornellaia derives from the term "Fraxinus Ornus", the Latin name for the Manna-Tree or Flowering Ash (in Italian, Orniello), which is known for its precious sap, an ancient sweetener since Biblical times, that now acts as a perfect link to the sweetness of Ornus dell’Ornellaia. Orniello is also the tree which has given its name to Ornellaia.

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Verify the authenticity of your bottle of Ornellaia. Starting with the 2011 vintage, an authentication seal is affixed by the Estate to all bottles of Ornellaia before shipment. This seal includes information pertaining to the specific bottle in question, which is registered in a database accessible to consumers.
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Visit the Estate

43° 12' 41''

north latitude

10° 36' 42''

east longitude

Come visit us and discover the world of Ornellaia. Enjoy the beautiful scenery offered by the nature surrounding the estate, the fields, the vineyards, the cypresses. Walk down the rows of vines where our grapes are gradually ripening.
Visit the cellar as wines slowly age and get ready to be bottled.


What is it that makes a visit to Ornellaia so magical? Is it the fragrances and colours of nature or the rich aromatics of our wines? The Mediterranean climate or participation in the flow of the seasons? The world of Ornellaia opens with a tour that constitutes a veryspecial experience. Our hospitality [...]

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Tours and Tastings

We invite you discover our guided tours, both classic and personalized; they will give you a wonderful day at Ornellaia. [...]

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At the end of the tour… Lunch at the Domain

A lunch can crown your visit to Ornellaia. Following the wine tasting, those who wish may enjoy a lunch at the Domain specifically created by our chef with seasonal products paired with our wines, in vintages different from the ones in the wine tasting

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Vendemmia d'Artista

The project

The Swiss artist John Armleder has been chosen to interpret the character “l’Incanto” (the Enchantment) of the Ornellaia 2012 vintage. As part of the 7th Edition of Ornellaia Vendemmia d’Artista he will create an Art work to be installed at the Estate, the labels for the exclusive edition of large format bottles and a label to present the vintage character in each case of Ornellaia (one bottle in each case of 6x750ml.). Born in 1948, John Armleder lives between Geneva and New York and is recognized as being one of the most important and influential Swiss artists of his generation. With his style and vocabulary, he has created over the years a universe of eclectic works ranging from painting, sculpture and performance. A fundamental element of his artistic research is the analysis of the context in which the works will be exhibited that becomes a central element of the creative process.